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Transform Africa - Ramatulai's Story

Ramatulai in Calaba Town, Sierra Leone

Background: 12 year old Ramatulai speaks here of the difference that the Comic Relief funded well, built with the support of Transform Africa, has made to the way of life in her community in the Calaba Town, Sierra Leone.

“ I was finding it very difficult to get safe drinking water and I used to get up very early in the morning at about 5:30 to fetch water from a tap one and a half miles away from our house. Whenever I got there, I would find a long queue of big boys and girls who used to bully and throw my bucket out of the queue and put theirs in front of mine. This always made me go to school late and even sleep in class due to not having had enough sleep at night. This badly affected my performance in school and I was branded as a lazy girl by one of my teachers."  

"Since YDM supported us to construct and protect a well right in front of our house, I  now relax in the morning and fetch water in my own time and then go to school on time. I am not afraid of any risk like attacks by thieves or being raped or bullied as it used to be. I don’t sleep in class anymore, I can now concentrate on my school work and I have more time to study. I am now living happily with the rest of my family, thanks to YDM, Transform Africa and Comic Relief.”

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