Our Mission

To empower local communities & organisations in Africa to tackle poverty,
and its root causes, through sustainable & transformative approaches.

Personal Stories from people we've helped

Together we're changing lives. Here's how.

The work which we carry out makes a difference to the lives of many within the communities in which we work, and within the local organisations which we support. Here are some of the personal testimonies of those who have been touched by the action of Transform Africa and have seen their lives and the lives of those in their communities transformed for the better.

Medie in New London, Sierra Leone

Medie Michael in New London, Sierra Leone

Background: Medie is 19 years old. She lives in the New London Slum in Bo, southern Sierra Leone. Poverty drove her into prostitution in the New London lorry park while she was still attending school.

"I now have a secure source of income and my business is now doing well... I have adequate income for me and my daughter to buy food, pay rent and meet other family needs..."

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Deo in Uganda

Deo Sebakiggya

Above: Deo and his wife serving one of their cows with clean drinking water from the boreholes.

"The only source of water we had for our family dairy cattle was from village ponds two Kilometres away from here. It was filthy, and on many occasions my animals would refuse drinking it. As a result, they were not giving us enough milk. Now, with the availability of clean water from the borehole close to our farm, the animals are now producing enough milk for the family and surplus for sale and as such our household income has increased."


HIV-Positive Widow in Lake Victoria, Uganda

HIV-Positive Widow in Lake Victoria, Uganda

Background: Our project helping fishing communities in Lake Victoria, Uganda to tackle HIV has been extremely successful. The communities' views on the disease have started to change as the communities learn more and more about the truth to fighting the spread of HIV. One of the beneficiaries, who is an HIV-positive widow, faced evicition from her family plot of land by her late husband's relatives. With support from the project she successfully fought eviction and this is the testimony she had to give.

"I joined a STAR Circle in August 2012 following advice from a friend who was already a member...my case was dealt with by the local court with a magistrate instead of the clan leaders... "

Hear from an HIV-Positive Widow in Lake Victoria, Uganda

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Leonard in Uganda

Leonard Mugwaneza

Above: Leonard watering his crops.

"As an horticultural farmer my main source of income is vegetable farming. Due to lack of permanent source of water in the area, I used to grow my vegetables only during the rainy season and my income used to be seasonal. With this borehole near my farm I do not only have safe drinking water but also I am able to grow vegetables and have income throughout the year."


Ramatulai in Calaba Town, Sierra Leone

Ramatulai Bangura in Calaba Town, Sierra Leone

Background: 12 year old Ramatulai speaks here of the difference that the Comic Relief funded well, built with the support of Transform Africa, has made to the way of life in her community in the Calaba Town, Sierra Leone.

"I was finding it very difficult to get safe drinking water and I used to get up very early in the morning at about 5:30 to fetch water from a tap one and a half miles away from our house."

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Helga in Mpika District, Zambia

Helga Ncube in Mpika District, Zambia

Background: Mrs Helga is one of the beneficiaries of our project in Mpika, Zambia. Aged 62 she lives in Manshya West in Mpika district with four children. She tells her successful story of how the revolving fund scheme has changed her life.

"Many organisations have been to this area to bring new projects; they make promises about beneficiaries taking a lead to change their lives but none of them has ever fulfilled their promises. I thought that DOPE would do the same when we were mobilised to join STAR (Strategies to Tackle Aids through Rights) circles."

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Ida in Kwakilosa, Tanzania

Ida Haule in Kwakilosa, Tanzania

Background: Ida is from Iringa, Tanzania, she has been divorced for nine years whilst raising 3 children. She is now a member of a STAR (Strategies to Tackle Aids through Rights) Circle. Here, she speaks about the difference that this support has made to her and her family's lives.

"We were very poor and had little to live on. My husband moved to Dares Salaam for better opportunities where he got married to another woman. As a woman at that time, I could not challenge this as it is against the traditional norms in our society... "

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Thabeh in Mangoreh Village, Sierra Leone

Thabeh Conteh in Mangoreh Village, Sierra Leone

Background: Thabeh, a 26 year old single mother of two from Mangoreh Village, Northern Sierra Leone, speaks about how our project to support the reintegration of war-torn communities in Northern Sierra Leone has empowered her to change her way of life, starting a new business as a food vendor to provide economic stability for her family.

"My life has since changed as I do not need to walk long distances with heavy poles on my head with my child on my back. The CBO has trained me to keep records of my business and improve my literacy in business management... "

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