Transform Africa - Water, Sanitation
and Hygiene (WASH) Projects

Celebrating clean water from a newly protected source

Transform Africa - Livelihoods Support Projects

Group marketing improves profits for small scale entrepreneurs

Transform Africa - Health and HIV Support Projects

Community members discussing HIV and other health issues

Transform Africa - Youth Training for Employment Projects

Training young people for gainful employment

Transform Africa - Our Work

Our work focuses on four key areas:

Water and Sanitation

Transform Africa supports poor communities to have increased access to water through the construction of boreholes, wells and dams, and help them improve sanitation and hygiene.


Transform Africa supports poor communities to improve their livelihoods through affordable micro-credit loans, and training in business management  and wealth creation.

HIV and Health

Transform Africa supports communities to have increased access to improved  HIV and Health services.

Youth Training for Employment

Transform Africa supports unemployed young people to engage in gainful employment through micro-credit loans, and vocational and apprenticeship training.

Transform Africa also work in the following areas:


Capacity building

We work with members of the Transform Network to offer technical services to local organisations in Africa to enable them to improve their effectiveness and thus better serve the communities they work with.

Community support

We raise funds and work with the partner organisations to support communities to find lasting solutions to poverty.

Specific areas we have been involved in include HIV prevention and management, Water and Sanitation including the construction of wells, (Microcredit and training in wealth creation for self-sufficiency and sustainable livelihoods), Apprenticeship and Vocational Training and Youth Employment.

Research and advocacy

We carry out research, lobbying and advocacy work on gender and North–South partnerships with a view to bring in African perspectives to transform gender, improve North–South partnerships and challenge some of the development paradigms on fighting poverty in Africa. 


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